How would the 250 characters abstract of an academic paper look like if we made a video about it? The resulting 3-5 minute long video would be a video abstract!

In this workshop, scientists are encouraged to use technology they have at hand and create short scientific videos by themselves. This workshop is built around open source web applications and mobile applications. Smartphones provide an attractive alternative to that of hiring a professional film crew.

With a bit of creativity and inspiration, each member of the working team will have a short video of their own by the end of the day. Participants will also learn how to use a scientific platform to share their videos and how to apply appropriate licences.

Video Abstracts in Natural Sciences and Engineering

  • describe dynamic phenomena which are simply too complicated, too complex, too unusual, and too full of information to present in words and two-dimensional pictures.
  • enable communication on the background of a study, the methods used, the research results and their potential implications through the use of images, audio, video clips, and texts.
  • help with the dissemination and the understanding of the research.
  • may increase the impact of your paper.


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What do experts say about video abstracts?

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