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B!SON goes local

Am 8.9.2022 luden TIB und SLUB zum zweiten Community-Workshop im BMBF-geförderten Projekt „B!SON – Bibliometric and Semantic Open Access Recommender Network“ ein. Mit ca. 15 Vertreter:innen wissenschaftlicher Einrichtungen – vorrangig aus Bibliotheken – diskutierten sie die Bedarfe für einen potenziellen lokalen Einsatz des Empfehlungssystems und die Voraussetzungen, die dafür aus ihrer Sicht erfüllt sein müssen.

Lots of open-access buttons

TIB endorses Action Plan for Diamond Open Access

TIB endorses the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access initiated by several European organizations. In doing so, it is underlining its desire to achieve a large-scale and fair transition to open access. This is necessarily dependent on an open infrastructure. The endorsement of the plan joins many related TIB activities. Action Plan for Diamond Open Access The Action Plan for Diamond Open Access has been initiated by Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS, and the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche. The objective is to promote a sustainable and community-driven Diamond Open Access landscape. To this end, it is proposed to focus on four core objectives: Efficiency, e.g., through harmonization of approaches and standards and through interopeable technical systems. Quality standards, e.g. through harmonization of standards and through development of standards for all core areas of publication services, including development of self-assessment tools Capacity building, e.g. through the development of training materials, tools and guidelines, as well as through the participation of scientists; establishment of a competence center Sustainability, e.g. by protecting title rights, promoting secure governance models, identifying and enforcing transparent and sustainable business models, providing financial support for Diamond services Growing support The support for the Action Plan already goes well beyond Europe and comes, for example, from AmeliCA, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Coalition Publica, and Creative Commons. Numerous individuals also support the appeal. From our direct library environment, for example, ZB MED, SUB Hamburg and SUB Göttingen are among the signatories. They all support the goal of better support

Curtains for B!SON beta!

Researchers can now have thematically appropriate, quality-assured Open Access journals recommended for their manuscript: with the beta version of the B!SON recommendation system. All interested parties are cordially invited to give us feedback on the recommendations and usability. In addition to the call for testing, in the blog post we report on the development work in the project and explain how the recommendation algorithm works.

Vorhang auf für B!SON beta!

Wissenschaftler:innen können sich nun thematisch passende, qualitätsgesicherte Open-Access-Zeitschriften für ihr Manuskript empfehlen lassen: mit der Betaversion des Empfehlungssystems B!SON. Alle Interessierten sind herzlich dazu eingeladen, uns Feedback zu den Empfehlungen und zur Usability zu geben. Neben dem Aufruf zum Testen berichten wir im Blogbeitrag von der Entwicklungsarbeit im Projekt und erläutern, wie der Empfehlungsalgorithmus funktioniert.