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More Reliable – More Flexible – More Attractive: Update on the Development of the AV-Portal

The TIB video portal currently has almost 40,000 scientific videos from all disciplines and 700,000 visits per year. This blog post presents current further developments in 2022. These include easier findability of videos, an improved upload form and subtitling of videos.

Ausschnitt aus einer Pohl-Vorlesung und demonstration aus dem Jahre 1952 in der Dokumentation "Einfachheit ist ein Zeichen des Wahren" (2005)

Shadow projections – illustrative history of physics on the occasion of World Audiovisual Heritage Day 2022

New in the AV-Portal: two documentaries on the life, work and aftermath of the Göttingen based physicist Robert Wichard Pohl give popular experiment videos with some contemporary material a science-historical background and show the (added) value of audiovisual heritage.

More user-friendly – more functional – more dynamic. About the continuous and agile development of the TIB AV-Portal

In spring 2014, the AV-Portal went online and has been operated by yovisto GmbH and further developed according to TIB specifications. At the end of 2020, the portal was completely migrated to TIB. This article presents the most important milestones and features that have been realised since September 2018.

A public archive for the videos of the Altmetrics Conferences and Workshops

We are glad to announce that most videos from the Altmetrics Conferences and Workshops are now available at a public archive, the TIB AV-Portal. In doing so, we create a long-term archive of the videos, define licenses for reuse, assign a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for each video and provide the possibility to link the videos in future to the corresponding presentation slides and/or abstracts.