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Academic and Research libraries in Ukraine: main tasks and best practices 

Starting from March 2022, TIB’s Open Science Lab has been hosting three scholars from Ukraine, whose research were disturbed by the war. In the first week of July, an introductory webinar, dedicated to Research and Academic libraries of Ukraine was conducted. Accordingly, this blog post is meant to serve as a brief report of the webinar.

Das Open Access Tracking Project – OATP

Die TIB hat kürzlich erfolgreich eine Meta-Studie zu den Wirkungen von Open Access für das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) abgeschlossen. In diesem Zusammenhang haben wir intensiv das Open Access Tracking Project genutzt – die wohl umfangreichste Quellensammlung zu Open Access Themen weltweit. Wir nehmen dies als Anlass, das OATP einmal vorzustellen.

The Open Access Tracking Project – OATP

TIB recently successfully completed a meta-study on the effects of Open Access for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In this context, we made intensive use of the Open Access Tracking Project – probably the most comprehensive collection of sources on Open Access topics worldwide. We are using this occasion to present the OATP in a blog post.

OER4Ukraine / OER4Україна

Ukrainian scientists, teachers and students are invited to use and collaborate with us on portals for digital teaching and learning resources / Запрошуємо українських науковців, викладачів та студентів до використання та співпраці у розробці цифрових порталів освітніх та навчальних ресурсів