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Simplify patent search with image comparison

Patent research is usually difficult and time-consuming. Comparing individual patents is often laborious. Our project ExpResViP aims to improve access to patents independent of language and technology. For this purpose, a visual search for patent retrieval is developed, which uses automatic recognition of image similarities and text-image relations by means of machine learning.

How scientific publishers reacted to the Russo-Ukrainian war

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is negatively affecting the development of the Ukrainian academy, now and in the near future. Different academic stakeholders around the world, including scientific publishers, have reacted differently to this war, some imposing sanctions against Russia and/or providing aid to Ukraine, some refraining from such actions for various reasons. We try to take a closer look at the situation.

Die Aufarbeitung der nationalsozialistischen Vergangenheit der heutigen Leibniz Universität Hannover und der Fall Paul Trommsdorff

Prof. Dr. Paul Trommsdorff, der Leiter der Bibliothek der Technischen Hochschule Hannover (der Vorläuferin der heutigen TIB) von 1922 bis 1935 und Honorarprofessor für Technische Bibliothekswissenschaften, erfuhr in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus Diskriminierungen und Benachteiligungen.